How would you design your Halden-Caviglia TV set?

Some of you might not remember when we reported on these retro TVs the first time. These are the Halden-Cavigilia Series, and they are available in various styles including American Craftsman, Art Deco, and many others.

They come in a screen size of 42 to 65 inches. This wood helps to mount on the wall like a plain regular flat panel, and has a special ventilation system. My question to you is: how would you design yours? Would you go for a pipe organ look, or maybe Gothic cathedral.

The point that I’m trying to make is that wood is currently a material not used in TV sets anymore, and is due for a comeback, in some creative way. Of course, all of this will cost you, and the projected price is somewhere between $7,495 and $11,495. Just imagine if you wanted a custom-made one.