How to Watch Hulu on Google TV – Weve Got the Answers, For Now Anyways

Whenever a new device comes out that supports Adobe’s Flash player one question quickly follows – can it view Hulu? Unfortunately for the end consumer, any devices (mobile phones included) are shut out from Hulu’s ecosystem. Lucky for us, savvy users usually come forth to out workarounds for Hulu’s blockage, but sometimes we aren’t so lucky.

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that Google TV was recently released onto the public. This platform allows consumers to do things like surf the web, search for Internet video and much more – all on your TV. Seeing how the platform incorporates a web browser, it should be able to run Hulu, right? Wrong.

Much to users dismay, Hulu is blocked on Google TV as well. Upon the first realization of this, users found that changing the User Agent of the web browser they were able to get around this block but Hulu quickly proceeded to block this. Luckily, another workaround has appeared today that involves Comcast’s Fancast service.

Apparently, all one needs to do is change their User Agent (just as you would with the original workaround – directions here) and then head to If you’re lucky, most everything normally found on Hulu should be working.

If you decide to try this out, let us know how it goes. Happy watching!

via crunchgear