Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

Boss has added its latest digital audio multi-track recording hardware with the release of the Boss BR-800. This is a […]

Thanko Presents USB Turntable Recorder

Now you can digitalize your vinyl record collection without any hassle with the new Thanko’s USB turntable recorder. The USB […]

Remote Digital Video Recorder

Remote Video Recorder This remote digital video recorder from Hammacher Schlemmer allows you to record and watch your favorite TV […]

Novac NV-RP001U LP-to-MP3 Recorder

Recently, Japanese company Novac introduced the new NV-RV001U LP-to MP3 Recorder. This new recorder is nothing but actually a LP […]

TVonics DTR Z500 Freeview Recorder

For home theater consumers who want more storage at a reasonable price, here is another Freeview recorder offering from TVonics, […]

Freecom Mobile DVD RW Recorder LS Pro

. Now the customers can purchase the Freecom mobile DVD RW recorder LS Pro, which supports Lightscribe technology. The mobile […]