Kenwood DP-K1000-N CD Player

.Along with R-K1000-N Receiver, Kenwood is also selling DP-K1000-N CD Player priced 40,950 Yen from Late November. The CD Player […]

Solar Powered CD/MP3 Player

Solar Powered CD/MP3 Player If you love music but are distressed by escalating energy bills perhaps this innovative Solar powered […]

A $16,750 CDC CD Player?

Nagra CD Player Nagra has a long produced tape recorders for professional video and film recording and now the Swiss […]

Exemode MS-400 CD System

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for your daily music needs then Exemode MS-400 would be a great […]

The Blacknote CD Player

Blacknote CD Player The Blacknote is an Italian designed/manufactured CD player that has recently been introduced to North American market […]

Philips FW545C CD Mini System

Philips, a world-renowned company known for producing high quality entertainment products, has come up with a new FW545C CD Mini […]

Sony SCD-XA5400ES SACD Player

Sony recently launched Super Audio CD player SCD-XA5400ES with exceptional voice quality and clarity. The 430mm wide, 124mm high and […]