Klipsch Reference RF-63 Speakers

Klipsch recently exhibited its new reference series RF-63 a successor of ‘RF-7′, in Korea market during ‘Eyear Show 2007′ in […]

Algonquin Outdoor Speakers

.Axiom brings its award-winning Axiom sound to your home by introducing Axiom Algonquin Outdoor Speaker. The new speakers are sturdy […]

KEF Muon Speakers

.KEF’S Senior Acoustic Engineer Andrew Wilson says “We wanted to take our technology to the limit and develop it further”. […]

Sony NAC HD1

Enjoy music in Sony’s style with the new Sony NAC HD1. The built-in hard disk (HDD) of 250GB allows for […]


. Sony has recently come up with an interesting product for Music lovers. GIGA JUKE HDD Deck is a ‘standalone’ […]

Panasonic SC-EN37 CD Micro System

Audio systems by Panasonic enhance your hearing experience. Just plug your PC, iPod or other digital audio player to The […]

Sony LBT-ZX9 Surround Sound system

Sony has recently introduced its Muteki (pronounced moo-techy) line of audio shelf systems to offer invincible musical experience. Sony LBT-ZX9 […]

Sony MHC-LX10000 system

Sony’s new Mega Sound System is made to rock your parties. Sony announced its line of Muteki (pronounced moo-techy) line […]