Home Theater Is, Well, Wherever You Are

I’m always a little interested in anything that lets me take my home theater with me wherever I go.  I mean, there are times when you wish you could pop in a movie or catch some TV show you missed the night before or something similar.  Most of those times I just bring a book along, but sometimes, it’s not the same.

Thus I’m very muchly enheartened by the announcement that SlingPlayer may be coming soon to Palm.

Yes, that essentially means you’ll be able to put SlingBox stuff onto your mobile devices, and this just makes me all sorts of happy.  Dig the word:

Fierce Wireless reports that Sling Media, the company behind SlingPlayer, has announced a collaboration with Adobe to support the Flash streaming protocols for the “smooth streaming of H.264 audio and video.” This means any device supporting Flash 10.1 will be able to run the full SlingPlayer application.

Think about THAT for a minute.  Sitting in the doctor’s office, waiting for your turn, you whip out your cell phone and start watching TV.  Get a pair of those Glasstron viewer glasses and it’s even better.  Soon enough, your home theater might well travel with you, and home–and home theater–will be, forever, where the heart is.