Home theater installed in an 1886 home


Think you have it tough when it comes to installing a home theater in your house? Well one couple, Doug and Candy Laven, defied the odds and managed to install a $34,000 home theater in their home and get this, it was made in 1886.

The task wasn’t an easy one as the basement where the couple decided to put the theater was originally designed to collect rain water. This created a problem because when they dug out the floor to accomodate for the theater they were met with a plethora of water that had collected over the years. Luckily they overcame the obstacle with the help of a water pump to finish the task.

In the end, they outfitted the place with a 106-inch screen paired with a Sony Bravia SXRD projector. So remember, next time your significant other thinks it would cost to much or be too hard to have a home theater installed in your house, show him/her the Leven’s story.

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