Home Theater in Your Car

Visteon has teamed up with Boston Acoustics to create a sound system that can bring the home theater experience to a moving vehicle. The Audiophile Sound System will be available as an option in Chrysler 300 Series sedans later this year, and may soon show up in other makes and models. What makes this system unusual is the fact that each seating position in the car has its own equalized calibration system. The sound doesn’t just come out of the door speakers, but rather from all around each passenger; making passengers feel like in a surround sound theater or concert hall rather than on the road. In early January, Visteon also announced the development of an in-vehicle infotainment system that receives local digital television, making a complete in-vehicle Home Theater experience more than just a dream.

Enjoying Home Theater in a moving vehicle may seem strange, but increasingly it is exactly the kind of perk that can make the difference between a car sitting on a lot or in a buyer’s driveway. HT in cars is especially desirable in mid-sized crossovers and sedans that routinely transport families with children.