Home Theater Gear Sales Driven By Staycationers

The Staycation.

Perhaps the biggest INSULT the media has ever perpetrated on us (gosh, people are too poor to travel! We should try to cheer them up by making up a clever name for what it is they’re doing!  Hmmm..how about loser cruise?  Oh, I know!  STAY-cation!  It’s like VA-cation except you can’t vacate!  Ha ha ha. Yeah. Joke’s on us.  Nice one, media.), the staycation is rapidly becoming a way of life for the recession-weary public.

And the public, who have begun to appreciate their homes a little more (which may well be one of the only few positives involved in this whole mess) took what would have been their vacation money and put it into tricking out their homes instead.

This in turn has lead to a massive upswing in recliner sales, as well as home theater gear. How massive?  Well, let’s put it this way–sales are up ten percent…IN MICHIGAN.  Yeah, that’s a pretty big uptick, all right.  Ten percent in Michigan is like a thousand percent anywhere else.

Making your house more comfortable makes you appreciate it a little more.  And that’s never a bad thing.  So enjoy your home, staycationers–and bear in mind that this way, you’ll never lose your luggage.