Home 3-D Market Primed To Explode

Now this is some highly strange news.

Word is out from research company GigaOM that says the home 3-D market is going to go off like an M-80 in a blowtorch, suggesting that, by 2013, forty six million homes will have 3-D HDTVs.  This strikes me as preposterous at first glance, because that implies that, despite the fact that we’re in the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression, and the worldwide economy is in nigh-total collapse mode, somehow, it’s going to all pull out within four years and everyone’s going to rush out and be an early adopter of a new technology.

And I say “new” with complete accuracy–no one’s even managed to RELEASE one of these 3-D HDTVs yet.  Sony and Panasonic both have plans to, but neither one of them will actually set a unit on store shelves until sometime in 2010.  So basically, this report figures that forty six million households will manage to rush out and buy untested, UNRELEASED technology in the midst of economic death.

Excuse my skepticism, but I suppose that only time will tell.