Holosonic Research Labs debuts Square Audio Spotlight Speakers


Holosonic Research Labs recently unveiled Square Audio Spotlight Speakers perfect for installation of architectural works like in 16 and 24 inches format with superior sonic performance. These speakers extend supremacy competence in application. Holosonic is the leader in controlling ultrasound to generate thin, rigid rays of perceptible resonance and recently introduced the new version on Audio Spotlight technology.

Presently, the technology of spotlight is used in various applications of libraries, museums, trade shows, offices, retails displays. It is treated as the best newly launched products of the market that permits to play advertising materials with the outstanding qualities and service.

The latest model AS-24 fits directly into standard 2×2 ceiling tiles and become nearly invisible. It features Sound beam processor/amplifier, Worldwide power input standard, Standard chassis approx 6” (w) x 7” (l) x 1.6” (h), Audio input Standard line level, RCA input, High Efficiency &lt65W max draw. You can also request for Custom configurations.

Via: Holosonic