Hollywood Video Offering Free Kids Videos

Hollywood Video is not a company we hear about often, but as an arm of Movie Gallery, it’s definitely worth watching.  And it’s bringing us some interesting news, especially for families with 1. home theaters and 2. kids home from school for Christmas vacation.

Hollywood Video will be offering “hundreds” of kids titles, including major Disney releases like Hunchback of Notre Dame and Lilo and Stitch free of charge.

There are some downsides here, of course–one, no one knows how long the promotion will last.  Two, no one knows exactly WHICH locations actually have the program.  Three, you can only take one at a time.  But still–if you live within driving distance of a Hollywood Video and have kids and a home theater and desperately need a note of quiet time to get some things done at this most joyous and panicking time of the year, then you’ll likely be welcoming this new program with arms wide open, so enjoy while it lasts, if it lasts, and where you can find it.