Hodie Introduces the SA-DVD: DVD Audio Masters For Audiophiles

Hodie Music, an audiophile record company based in Germany that issues their Classical Music releases in Stereo CD, DTS Music Disc, DVD Video and DVD Audio formats today added another release format to their label – the SA-DVD.

What is an SA-DVD you ask. According to HODIE, it’s a “Super Audiophile DVD”. HODIE officals say that DVD Audio fans can now purchase titles from the label’s catalog in the new SA-DVD format. These discs are recorded on DVD-Rs that feature either a Stereo 24 bit/192kHz mix or a 5.1 Surround Sound 24
bit/96kHz DVD Audio mix.

A Custom Product for Each Buyer
The SA-DVD discs are said to be “tailor made” for each buyer. That apparently includes putting the buyer’s name on the DVD menu of the SA-DVD disc you purchase. The HODIE web site offers a complete list of Classical Music releases that you can now obtain in the SA-DVD format.

The cost for SA-DVD discs is $700 (U.S. Dollars) for a 70 minute playing time SA-DVD and $900 (U.S. Dollars) for a 140 minute playing time SA-DVD. Delivery of your SA-DVD will be made in 3 weeks. You will want to be sure that your DVD AUdio player is compatible with DVD-R playback before placing your order.

Copies Without MLP Lossless
The SA-DVDs are also made without the use of the MLP Lossless compression system used in today’s standard DVD Audio releases. HODIE says that by doing this the music fan gets a master tape quality copy of the DVD Audio music that is ordered and that buying these discs will “offers us the type of financial support which we need to keep creating our releases and programs”.

HODIE also says that “We think that Audiophiles spent thousand and thousand of dollars on gears and speakers but doesn’t get the appropriate content needed to make the most of their equipment. If you agree with us go ahead and get a SA-DVD – the right artistic and technological content you deserve. A SA-DVD effectively means you can order any HODIE release based on the configuration you want and get our master tapes on DVD!”

Will It Catch On?
Today’s announcement from HODIE is the first that I’ve heard of the SA-DVD concept. We’ll have to see how it fares in the DVD Audio marketplace along side traditional DVD Audio discs and the newer Dual Disc releases that are now available in the U.S.

HODIE's New SA-DVD Discs - Now Available for Order on the Company's Web SiteHODIE’s New SA-DVD Discs – Now Available for Order on the Company’s Web Site