Hodie 192kHz Limited Elite Collector Series

Hodie’s Limited Elite Collector Series, released on December 15th will be the first set of DVD-Audio titles to feature 192kHz 24-bit audio fidelity throughout the entire signal path, from recording to disc.

Each performance was captured by two separate recording systems, one optimised for 192kHz 24-bit stereo, the other for 96kHz 24-bit 6.0. Both are delivered via Meridian Lossless packing.

The DVD-Audio discs on offer are available in two versions. The first features 192kHz 24-bit two-channel MLP on a DVD-Audio disc and also ships with a 3/2.1 DTS music disc, priced at $90 or $106.50 each. The second is a DVD-Audio disc containing six-channel 96kHz 24-bit audio in a 6.0 configuration, similarly priced at either $90 or $106.50 each.

DVD-Video, DTS music disc and two-channel Compact Disc versions are also available.

Each title will be limited to three hundred copies in each format, with the first seventy of each being autographed by conductor Maximianno Cobra. A complete set of all seven titles on DVD-Audio can be yours for a mind-bending $530.40.

The seven titles, all of which feature Maximianno Cobra conducting the Europa Philharmonia Budapest Orchestra & Choir are:

Beethoven: ‘Symphony N°9’ op. 125
Mozart: ‘Requiem’ KV 626.
Mozart: ‘Symphony N°40’ KV 550.
Mozart: ‘Symphony N°25’ KV 183.
Mozart: ‘Opera Overtures Album 1’
Mozart: ‘Opera Overtures Album 2’
Mozart: ‘Opera Overtures Album 3’