Hivi X4 Speakers

This is the Swans X4 professional active speaker system, and it is designed “for studio near-field monitoring and multimedia desktop environment”.

It has active filter technology with a 4-inch woofer and 4/5 inch metal dome tweeter. The egg-shaped cabinet design maximizes the space that it is in for good sound.

With the help of finite element CAD design, the X4 cabinet horn can ensure smooth and accurate axial and off-axis frequency response, which offers an accurate sound image positioning. X4 frequency range is 60Hz-20kHz (± 2.5dB, free space), total output power of each X4 is 45W RMS. For stereo configuration, the maximum sound level output can reach 105 dB at a distance of 1 meter. The X4 acoustic design is optimized for desktop environment, making it became a top level multimedia speaker system.

I don’t seem to have a price on them, but here is a link with some more info here.