Hitachi Z-HD5000 Portable HDTV Studio and EFP Camera

Hitachi has unveiled a new portable, dockable HDTV studio and EFP camera, with native scan in 1080/59.94i or 1080/50i in the Hitachi Z-HD5000 Portable HDTV Studio and EFP Camera. The Z-HD5000 is the first HDTV model camera in the company’s popular, affordable Z Series product line.

“The Z-HD5000 offers a satisfying compromise between the superior performance and functionality of high-priced HDTV cameras and the limited functionality of inexpensive, low-end HD camcorders. It’s designed to appeal to Z Series customers who want to move up to HDTV without sacrificing quality and reliability or breaking the budget.”

Offering high light sensitivity coupled with low vertical smear, the Z-HD5000’s three 2/3-inch native 1080i CCD sensors produce 800 TVL of resolution, [email protected] Lux, and HD Signal to Noise (SNR) level of 58db for a sharp, clean HD picture.

Lightweight for on-shoulder portability, the Z-HD5000 features: a versatile CCD shutter with five preset speeds; Automatic Exposure System