Hitachi UT32-HV700 LCD TV


Extending its Woo line Hitachi announced its 35mm thin UT32-HV700 LCD TV. This super slim TV in 32-inch equips terrestrial BS 110 degree CS digital tuner. It will reach stores in four color options UT32-HV700B (Black), UT32-HV700W (White), UT32-HV700R (Lead-lead) and UT32-HV700A (Blue) in the mid of December 2007. The latest series of 32 inch size features 1366?768 resolution.

Users can also connect the LCD TV with the latest HDD “iVDR*3-S” purchased separately. A higher 37V type LCD model UT37-XV700 featuring 1920?1080 resolution will be sold from 2008 February first third. The largest among the series 42V type UT42-XV700 with 1920?1080 resolution will be available from 2008 earlier April.

Via: Hitachi