Hitachi UltraVision S604 and S504 Series LCD HDTVs

In addition to Alpha Series, Hitachi also announced the UltraVision S604 and S504 CCFL series to its 2010 line of LCD HDTVs. The UltraVision S604 series include a 55-inch (L55S604) and 46-inch (L46S604) class home theater models, while the S504 series include a 42-inch (L42S504) and 32-inch (L32S504) class screen sizes.

Available in slim and light design, each model boasts 120Hz panel speed, 1080p resolution and Hitachi’s Reel120 movie motion technology. They can be easily swiveled to accommodate different viewing positions. Besides, for best possible picture quality, the models feature four HDMI pure digital inputs. They also include CONEQ 3D Sound for a musically accurate three-dimensional audio image and a USB photo viewer input that lets them function as a home theater digital photo frame. Furthermore, the top-of-the-line S604 series models feature Instaport technology for faster HDMI input switching.

The UltraVision S604 series L55S604 and L46S604 will be released on July at an MRPS of $1,699 and $1,199, respectively. On the other hand, the S504 series L42S504 and L32S504 are already available at MRPS of $899 and $649, respectively.