Hitachi Launched 11 New Wooo Plasmas and LCDs

We’ve seen Mitsubishi’s new HDTV lines yesterday and today we have new sets coming from Hitachi. The company announced its new Hitachi Wooo line of displays. You can choose from the four new XP plasma models which will offer you screen sizes from 42- to 50-inch, contrast ratios of up to 40,000:1, better color reproduction and better energy efficiency.

Hitachi also has four new LCDs which are ultra-thin at 35 mm / 1.4-inch thick and come with UWB wireless tuners, auto sensing/adjusting brightness and the same eco-friendly power usage.

The new XP line of LCDs has three new displays which will let you connect to the Internet and get all the video on demand you’re loking for.

The XP LCDs and plasma sets will start selling later this month in Japan and the ultra-thin LCDs will be available only in October.

via av watch