Hitachi HD Flat Panels Get Built-in Hard Drives

Hitachi antes up the new dawn of HD flat panels with the XCode 3290 which comes with a built-in hard disk drive for personal video recording. The new feature allows Hitachi HD Flat Panel TV owners a 8x HD recorder, the longest HD record time for a TV today.

The XCode 3290 is included in fifteen new models available in the Japanese market: P50-XP03, P46-XP03, P42-XP03, P42-HP03, L42-XP03, L37-XP03, L32-WP03, UT47-XP800(B/W), UT42-XP800(B/W), UT37-XP800(B/W), and UT32-XP800(B/W).


  • Full Linux Operating System (OS) with associated applications
  • PVR Stack with Recording, Time Shifting and Full Trick modes
  • Faster than Real-time HD MPEG2 to HD AVC Transcoding
  • Faster than Real-time HD AVC to HD AVC Transcoding
  • AVC & MPEG2 HD Decoding and Display
  • MPEG2 Encoding
  • Marlin IPTV with Conditional Access (CA)/Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • SAFIA Content Protection (CP)
  • DTCP/IP protection and DLNA support
  • Transcryption for conversion between CA’s, DRM’s and CP’s
  • Full BCAS/ISDB-T support

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