Hitachi has to halt production due to the tsunami

As we have reported before, the Toshiba plant has been damaged in the recent tsunami and earthquake and had to be shut down.

In a similar manner, Hitachi has had to half production at one of its factories. There has been much speculation as to how this quake will damage the economy, but honestly, I’m more worried about the nuclear plants and the aftermath of the damage in Japan right now.

I think people are worried because Sony and Panasonic have also suspended operations at their plants. Hitachi is believed to be receiving some help from Chimei Innolux Corporation, a company from Taiwan.

In addition to the shortage of HDTVs that will probably result from the quake/tsunami, economists are also worried that it will affect smartphones. I think we are going to have to wait a few weeks or even months before we really see the ramifications of this in the electronics world. As I have said before, I’m much more concerned with the damage now.