Hitachi Expands Wooo Series

Hitachi plans to continue the trail of WOOO LCD models with the recent addition of the UT47-XP770 and UT47-XV700 LCD HDTVs. The 47-inch UT47-XP770 model comes in two distinguished colors-black (UT47-XP770B) and white (UT47-XP770W).The new WOOO series brags about 500cd/m2 brightness, 1920×1080 class-resolution, digital TV tuner, the iVDR module in addition to 3 HDMI input/1HDMI output terminals and a 250GB hard-drive.

Hitachi will soon release the 47-inch UT47-XV700 LCD model without a hard-drive. The UT47-XP770B will be shipped sometime in September, whereas the UT47-XP770W and UT47-XV700 will be available from mid-October.

Via: Hitachi