Hitachi Achieves Nanotechnology Milestone for Quadrupling Terabyte Hard Drive

.World’s smallest read-head technology for hard disk drives has been established by the Hitachi Global Storage Technologies and Tokyo Hitachi Limited. It is invented with the notion that it will quadruple the present storage capacity up to four terabytes on a note book hard drive and on desktop. Thus the canvassers have attained success of dropping the accessible recording heads to acquire latest heads in the ranges of 30-50 nanometers which are even smaller in comparison to the thickness of human hair. According to Research Director, Storage Technology Research Center, Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd, Hiroaki Odawara this is the most low cost high storage capacity hard drive which gives customers unlimited capacity for accumulating digital data content. It also possesses some characteristics features that make it identical like:

  • It allows 500 gigabits per square inch to one terabit per square inch for hard disk drive recording densities.
  • It also provides the strongest signal in comparison with noise ratio which is like the signal out put is high and the noise is less.
  • It displays less electrical resistance
  • The innovations of the recording head technology has become very fast with the Hard Drive disk.
  • It also acts as the Tunnel magneto-resistance head.