Hisense DB2010 Set TopBox

.Hisense expanded its lineage of Set top boxes with the introduction of DB2010 Set TopBox. It is equipped with HDTV receiver and is fully ATSC compliant. It receives 8VSB digital signals and AC3 digital surround sound. The set top box weighs 2.5Kg. It is currently available in Africa, Asia-Pacific, CIS, Middle East, North America and South America. It comes with a manual in English language and a limited warranty. For connectivity the DB2010 loads Tuner built in, ATSC Compliant Input, HDTV Input and SDTVCapable and, S-Video Composite Component (YPbPr) Outputs. This UL compliant Set TopBox consumes 12-16W power. A Remote Control with AAA Batteries is provided in the package as an accessory.

Via: Hisense