Hiromi i Gerald Veasley: New on Telarc Multichannel SACD [HFR]

Today Telarc released new Multichannel SACDs by Hiromi and Gerald Veasley. Hiromi’s new SACD entitled “Another Mind” is a Multichannel version of her debut album that was recently released on Telarc. The Gerald Veasley SACD entitled “Velvet” is from Telarc’s Heads Up jazz label.

Both of these new Telarc SACD releases are Hybrid Layer Multichannel SACDs. They are designed to play in SACD and CD players as well as SACD compatible DVD Video players. Each SACD features Multichannel SACD, Stereo SACD and Stereo CD versions of the music on the albums. Here’s more information on today’s two new Telarc releases:

Another Mind
Hybrid Layer Multichannel SACD

(Telarc SACD-63558)
Critics have called Another Mind “a brilliant showcase for jazz pianist Hiromi Uehara”. The album features 9 musical selections that spotlight Hiromi’s energetic approach to the material.

Another Mind was produced by well known jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal and jazz bass player Richard Evans. Jamal says “Hiromi continues to change the musical landscape everywhere she performs. Her music, together with her overwhelming charm and spirit, causes her to soar to unimaginable musical heights. She is nothing short of amazing.”

Album Performers
Hiromi – Piano
Mitch Cohn – Bass
Dave DiCenso – Drums
Anthony Jackson – Bass
Jim Odgren – Alto Saxophone
Dave Fiuczynski – Guitar

Album Selections
1. XYZ
2. Double Personality
3. Summer Rain
4. Joy
5. 010101 (binary system)
6. Truth and Lies
7. Dancando No Paraiso
8. Another Mind
9. The Tom and Jerry Show

Gerald Veasley
Hybrid Layer Multichannel SACD

(Heads Up HUSA-9072)
Velvet is Gerald Veasley’s sixth album for Telarc’s Heads Up label. It features 14 musical selections that are a mixture of instrumental and vocal performances. In addition to Veasley and his band, Velvet features the talents of a host of guest vocalists and musicians.

According to Heads Up “Veasley’s richly textured new recording that evokes the sound and spirit of those formative years when innovators like Sly & the Family Stone, Earth Wind and Fire and George Clinton’s Parliament-Funkadelic turned the traditions of R&B and soul on their head and redefined the urban sound.

Combine these potent ingredients from decades past with the sounds and sensibilities of contemporary urban music, process them through Veasley’s musically rich Philadelphia upbringing, and the result is a unique instrumental perspective on the burgeoning movement that is now called neo-soul.”

Album Performers
Gerald Veasley – Six String Bass & Tenor Bass Guitar
Chris Farr – Tenor & Soprano Saxophones
Will Brock – Fender Rhodes, Wurlizer Electric Piano, Grand Piano & Synth Bass
Mark Knox – Keyboards & Strings
Richard Waller III – Drums & Percussion

Guest Performers
Jaguar Wright – Lead & Background Vocals
John Stephens – Lead Vocals
Durell “Bishop” Scott – Background Vocals
Mikki Kornegay – Vocals
Herb Middleton – Keyboards & Drum Programming
Matt Cappy – Flugelhorn & Trumpet
Jeff Bradshaw – Trombone
Randy Bowland – Guitar
Donald Robinson – Synth
Benji Porecki – Hammond Organ
Michael Aharon – Hammond Organ
Pablo Batista – Congas, Bongos & Percussion
Steve McKee – Drum Programming
Blizz – Drum Programming

Album Selections

1. Coup Deville

Act One
2. Sarah’s Song
3. Let’s Do It Again
4. Velvet
5. Put On Your Sunday Clothes
6. Do You Remember?
7. Luscious
8. Summer Kiss
9. Bread Puddin’
10. Forever

11. It’s Alright (Tonight’s the Night)
12. Still Movin’ On
13. Home

14. Sunday Clothes Reprise

The new Hybrid Multichannel SACDs of Another Mind by Hiromi and Velvet by Gerald Veasley are now in stock and available for order and purchase from the Telarc International web site. They will be available from record stores and web sites that carry Telarc SACDs shortly.