Hillcrest The Loop Remote Now Available-$99

If you’ve ever played a Wii and thought, wow, this would be a GREAT way to work a home theatre setup, then do I ever have good news for you.  It’s called the Hillcrest Loop remote and it’ll do exactly that–work a home theatre setup just like playing a Wii.

Most everybody thought this was a gigantic bucket of vaporware for the longest time, but no, the Loop is now available on Amazon for just ninety nine dollars.  The loop uses internal sensors to determine where your pointer is on screen, and then offers just two buttons to navigate on-screen menus.  You don’t even need a clean line of sight because it uses RF for its communications.

Admittedly, this is a cool idea, but will there be hordes of people willing to plunk down a hundred bucks to make Change The Channel into the newest Wii game?  Okay, so it DOES sound like something that would’ve been included in a round of Wario Ware, but that’s somewhat beside the point.  It’s still a cool idea though.