Highland Audio AINGEL3201/3205 Speakers


Joining the spate of spanking speakers are the upscale Highland Audio AINGEL 3201 and 3205 systems. The twain comes with a tweeter of 2.5cm titanium dome along with an impedance of 6?. The 3201 speakers boasts of 65Hz – 20kHz playback frequency zone as well as 84dB/1W1m efficiency. As for the 3205 speakers, they offer 39Hz – 20kHz frequency along side the efficiency of 87dB/1W1m. The pair will be available from July14, 2008. The 6 Kg 3201 set is priced at 37,800 Yen. While 31Kg 3205 set can be owned in 94,500 Yen only.