High Note Records Taiwan Releases Norah Jones Album in Super Audio CD

An album by The Peter Malick Group featuring Norah Jones on vocals and piano entitled New York City is the latest Super Audio CD to be released in Taiwan. The new Hybrid Layer Stereo SACD follows earlier Norah Jones performances on the Ray Charles Surround Sound SACD entitled Genius Loves Company (Concord Records/Hear Music SACD-1033-6) and her multi-million selling album entitled Come Away With Me (Blue Note 7243-541747-2).

New York City
The Peter Malick Group Featuring Norah Jones
SACD Stereo/CD Stereo

(High Note Records Taiwan HN251SACD)

New York City features the Peter Malick Group with Norah Jones on vocals and piano performing 7 songs, 5 of which were written by Malick. The album was recorded in 2000 and originally released as a Stereo CD in 2003 in the U.S. by Koch Records. High Note Records Taiwan licensed the album from Koch Records and has now released it as a Hybrid Stereo SACD.

According to the album’s liner notes, Malick had written several songs for his group but had no vocalist to sing them. The vocalist he found was Norah Jones. Malick describes the meeting by noting:

“On a Tuesday night, I walked into The Living Room just as the singer announced the last song of the set. The Dinah Washington classic ‘Since I Fell For You’ filled the room and I was struck breathless. Here, in the tradition of Billie Holliday, was a stunningly beautiful, blues infused voice. This was my first contact with Norah Jones.

I asked her if she would be interested in playing some blues gigs around New York and New England. She responded that she ‘didn’t really know blues…’ I assured her that she might not think she knew blues, but she knew blues.

Looking back, I’ve got to smile. These recordings could not have happened in a more organic way. And so, I’m enormously grateful that they are finally going to be heard. I hope you enjoy them.”

Album Performers
Peter Malick – Guitars and Vocals
Norah Jones – Vocals and Piano
Eric Gardner – Drums
Danny McGouch – Melotron, Hammond B-3 Organ and Wurlitzer Piano
Marty Richards – Drums
Mike Thompson – Piano and Accordion
Jeff Turmes – Bass
Tom West – Piano

Album Selections
1. New York City
2. Strange Transmissions
3. Deceptively Yours
4. All Your Love
5. Heart of Mine
6. Things You Don’t Have To Do
7. New York City (Radio Edit)

Album Credits and Sonics
The recordings were done in August and September 2000 at Room 9 From Outer Space Studios in Boston with additional recording done in April and May 2003 at Popsquad Studios in West Hollywood. Mastering of the SACD was done by Alan Silverman at Arf! Digital Studios. Silverman was also the engineer behind Koch Records recent The Kinks Remastered SACD series. The SACD was made by VIVA SACD in Hong Kong.

The New York City SACD only has 7 songs on it (with the title song appearing in two versions) and clocks in at just over 30 minutes. Despite Malick’s billing as a Blues album, it also features some more musically upbeat moments than Jones’ debut album. Fans of bluesy rock and of Norah Jones will find it to be an enjoyable album. And the sonics on the Stereo SACD layer do not disappoint. It’s definitely worth having in one’s SACD collection.

As noted above, the Peter Malick Group featuring Norah Jones Stereo SACD is now available from music stores in Taiwan. It has also started to show up for purchase on web sites such as eBay.