Hibino Shows Off 280-Inch 3D LED TV

Who said bigger isn’t always better? When it comes to 3D displays, the biggest the TV the better the experience. Able to get your hands on a 3D projector? Even better. However, if you’re someone who thinks yachts are cheap, perhaps you should be on the lookout for a future offering from a company named Hibino.

According to reports, this Japanese company has come forth to show off a 280-inch polarized LED 3DTV to add to their ChromaLED line up. This isn’t the firt time we’ve seen a large TV out of Hibino as we told you about their 74-inch offering not too long ago.

Seeing how this is only a prototype, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is currently no known price point or release date. However, as we’re sure you’re interested, we will keep you updated with future happenings.

via 3d-display-info