Hi Res Musics 96/24 two-channel DVD Audio discs

Hi Res Music are very excited to announce the release of Freddy King’s Texas Cannonball, one of this blues master’s finest releases. This DVD Audio contains seven additional tracks taken from the original session. Also available this month is Leon Russell’s self-titled debut, which contains the classics “A Song for You” and “Dixie Lullaby” as well as “Delta Lady.” The musicians on this recording include George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman.

Coming in June, Hi Res Music is pleased to present Joe Henry’s critically acclaimed Scar. Discover why this album has been picked as one of the best recordings of 2001.

Our goal is to provide a rich catalog of music that reflects an appreciation for the artists and their musicianship while giving you all of the fidelity of the original masters by capturing the audio using the 96kHz/24-bit DVD format. Those in the audiophile community who have heard the discs are astounded by the sound.

These are all original analog and digital source master tapes brought to the DVD format using state-of-the-art 96kHz/24-bit conversion along with proprietary mastering technology developed through years of working with high-resolution audio. Each project is thoroughly researched to ensure that the highest-quality masters are located, inspected, restored (if necessary) and then meticulously transferred.

Visit the Hi-Res Music site, where you’ll find our entire catalog of great new 96/24 two-channel DVD Audio releases.