Hi-Res Music Release Joe Henry and Swag on DVD-Audio

Hi-Res Music has announced two new additions to their award-winning DVD-Audio catalogue, rock albums ‘Scar’ by Joe Henry and ‘Catchall’ from Swag.

Joe Henry’s ‘Scar is presented as a two-sided DVD, it includes a 192kHz/24-bit program on one side and a 96kHz/24-bit program on the other. The disc has been re-mastered from the original analogue master tapes:

For the last five years, Joe Henry has gradually taken his song writing into hidden areas, exploring the different textures of shadow with occasional forays into the twilight of the human heart. On ‘Scar’, his eighth album, Henry follows his other obsession down the rabbit hole: the myriad ways in which sound and texture can become musical instruments themselves in order to paint a song properly. ‘Scar’, his highly textured sonic meditation on love and its twisted redemptive power, features a list of highly visible musicians that help make this the album Henry’s been trying to make his entire adult life. Producing and contributing to four soundtracks hasn’t hurt Henry a bit in his quest to make his music finish the story his lyrics sketch out. With the help of producer Craig Street, Henry moves the bell further down the wire of soulful yet accessible pop music.

Track List:

  1. Richard Pryor Addresses a Tearful Nation
  2. Stop
  3. Mean Flower
  4. Struck
  5. Rough and Tumble
  6. Lock and Key
  7. Nico Lost One Small Buddha
  8. Cold Enough to Cross
  9. Edgar Bergen
  10. Scar

Scar’ can be purchased from the Hi-Res Music web site, priced at $21.99.

Swag’s ‘Catchall’, is a collection of hard-to-find singles and eight new songs compiled for their full-length debut, the disc has been re-mastered to 96kHz/24-bit from the original 48kHz/24-bit digital master:

A supergroup comprised of several veteran musicians, Swag plays a rousing blend of power pop and indie rock. In 1996, keyboardist Jerry Dale McFadden (Sixpence None the Richer) met guitarist Robert Reynolds (the Mavericks) while their two bands were touring together. Their similar interests prompted them to put together an open-ended musical project, eventually ensnaring drummer Ken Coomer (Wilco), multi-instrumentalist Doug Powell (a solo artist on Not Lame Records), and bassist Tom Petersson (Cheap Trick). The group’s Nashville recording sessions produced a couple of limited-edition singles in the late ‘90s and a 10” picture disc EP ‘Different Girls’ in 2000. Their hard-to-find singles as well as eight new songs were compiled for their 2001 full-length debut ‘Catchall’.

Track List:

  1. Lone
  2. I’ll Get By
  3. Near Perfect Smile
  4. Please Don’t Tell
  5. When She Awoke
  6. Louise
  7. Different Girl
  8. You
  9. Eight
  10. Trixie
  11. Ride
  12. She’s Deceiving

Catchall’ is also priced at $21.99.

Hi-Res Music specialises in re-issuing all genres of music in two-channel, stereo only, DVD-Audio. Starting from the original analogue master tapes, Hi-Res Music “…captures all the warmth and space of the original recording.

Joe Henry and Scar new releases from Hi-Res MusicJoe Henry and Scar new releases from Hi-Res Music