Hi-Kara Karaoke Machine

The number of people who have been hooked on to karaoke to yelp out their favorite tunes according to your own version or vocal chords is quite popular and there is no better place to find great karaoke machines other than from Japan. And as we see various devices getting smaller and advanced, here is one that may interest you. The device is the Hi-Kara Karaoke Machine from Takara Tomy which plays a variety of Japanese songs which also display videos and lyrics on the traditional colored monitor.

Take note that while this handy karaoke machine may be something to look forward to, there is no word if there are English songs included. Neither was it mentioned if you could customize the device to play tunes such as song chips which cater more to your music preference. The Hi-Kara Karaoke Machine retails for about $192.00.

(Source) Japan Trend Shop