HFR Publishes Exclusive ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ SACD Review

High Fidelity Review has today, published the world’s first ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ SACD review. The much-anticipated disc is scheduled for official release on March 25th in the U.S. and March 31st in the U.K. and Europe.

Building upon High Fidelity Review’s reputation as the leading source of high-resolution news and reviews, and with invaluable assistance from contacts at Sony (SACD project) and Capitol Records, writer Nicholas Satullo received an advance copy even though Capitol are officially withholding all press samples until their March 24th launch party.

Nick was waiting for this release with baited breath.

I grew up on this stuff and listened to it a billion times on my way to a friend’s house. By the time the friend’s driveway would arrive, I’d be fully primed to drive right past it. About a mile down the road I’d catch myself, turn around, and then commit the same indiscretion from a different direction. It usually took about five attempts to turn into Ralph’s driveway, but I never seemed to mind the inconvenience.

The exclusive review compares the new SACD release to the standard two-channel CD issue and the much-sought after Mobile Fidelity version in a high-end installation that includes a Sony SACD player, Lexicon MC-12 Balanced controller, Krell amplification, Aerial Acoustics loudspeakers and Velodyne subwoofer.

This is something shining and new. This is ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ in surround, in high resolution, in a manner you’ve never heard it before…”,

Nick enthuses.

High Fidelity Review content is syndicated to Moreover.com, eCoustics.com, Google News, AltaVista News, SurroundMusic.net (Widescreen Review), HighEndNews.com and others, and was featured within the New York Times during the week of March 10th. The publication of the first ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ SACD review underlines the site’s commitment to high-resolution audio and illustrates unrivalled industry cooperation.

When Capital Records releases the long-awaited ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ SACD in New York next week, it will become a matter of public knowledge what our advance review permits us to verify – it is a sparkling success, defying the gravity of expectations that invariably tug at such a staple of popular music.

For the complete review, visit the URL below:

Dark Side of the Moon’ SACD Review