Hey Sony, Want Some Cheese With That Whine?

I found this great article over at Tom’s Guide and figured I’d let you guys get in on the fun too.  Check THIS out!

He clearly states that online theft siphons billions of dollars out of the industry, dollars that could have been obtained had those individuals who watched pirated movies went to the theater instead. Without those funds, there’s less money to make movies. Lynton even threw in a few numbers, indicating that top movie studios made 162 films: over 40 less than the number filmed in 2006, and the lowest number in a decade.

So…wait.  The putzes who’ve been shoving crap movies down our throats for years are now amazed to discover that, gasp!, people don’t want to pay huge sums of money to see them??  The hell you say!

Sony clearly has its head lodged in its primary waste port.  One, if you’re actually willing to watch a camcorder copy of a movie, chances are you wouldn’t be going to the movies ANYWAY, so how are pirates REALLY damaging profit margins?  Two, they made the lowest number of movies in a decade, but wasn’t this one of the best years EVER for movies?  Strikes me that they’re making money hand over fist, not losing huge sums to pirates.  Three, does he really expect us to believe that the lion’s share of the money goes to making more movies, as opposed to into, say, his own pocket?

Sony seems to either willfully misunderstand the issues or is just crashingly ignorant.