Hey Guys! Get A Great Emerson TV Cheap At Walmart!

Special thanks goes out to alert reader Alex, who made a comment on my earlier–back in September earlier–review of the Emerson LC320EMX television.  You’ll all remember that that’s a thirty two inch 720p LCD television with plenty of bells and whistles that I called a good buy at three hundred and forty eight bucks.

Well, Alex got word, and I just spotted it myself in a Walmart Black Friday ad, that they’re going to be knocking down the price on the Emerson LC320EMX from three hundred forty eight bucks to TWO hundred forty eight bucks.

Now, folks, this was a good buy back at three hundred forty eight.  This is nothing short of a GREAT buy at a hundred dollars less.  Even I’m planning to get out for this one and under normal circumstances NOTHING would peel me out of my turkey coma. So if you’re looking for a fantastic bargain that day, Walmart might be your first stop.