Heres the iGUGU InterneTV

We have seen a lot of media server/streamers here lately at Cybertheater. At CES, it was Moovida, and now iGUGU.

The purpose of iGUGU is to connect to an existing computer a lot easier using software, wireless or wired TV connector, and a QWERTY remote.

The software then provides a not-so-pretty TV interface for browsing through any type of content a computer could normally access online. True to its word, we watched the system play videos on and other blocked sites devices like a Roku box or AppleTV can’t access. The application also allows users to play local content stored on the computer and aggregates content in pre-populated “channels” like local news, movies, and TV shows.

Unfortunately, it might not be worth the $99, but at least there is no set-top box.


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