Helios Labs announces H2000 HD upscaling DVD player


Helios Labs recently introduced H2000 HD upscaling DVD Player. H2000 will hit the markets of North America from August 10th at a bargain price of $99. Helios H2000 is low priced model that delivers great quality. The company is acclaimed for its innovative X-series line of networking DVD players at affordable prices. Along with DVD, the player can upscale MPEG-4, XviD, DivX and MPEG-02 to 1080i resolution with its component, HDMI and VGA. It has the ability to output 480i/576i unprocessed digital signal via HDMI. The player also supports VobSub subtitle format letting users download foreign movies.

“H2000 offers the most HD upscaling options. You can let it upscale all your content to 720p/1080i, or you can allow it to output an unprocessed 480i/576i video signal and allow your TV/external video scaler to do the work. This will help customers maximize its performance and consequently, ensure you have a much clearer, distortion-free image.”