HE 2002: Sharp DXSV-200 Universal SACD and DVD-Audio Player

HE 2002: On show in New York, Sharp’s DXSV-200 universal SACD and DVD-Audio player alongside their new SMSX-200 1-bit digital integrated amplifier, both previews of products yet to be released.

Although Sharp has had similar items in their line, and displayed them at CES in Las Vegas at the beginning of this year, (see our partner CES 2002 report) these products were something different…

High Fidelity Review were treated to a one-to-one demonstration with Marc Knox, the newly hired director of Digital Media Devices in the Sharp Consumer Products department.

Marc’s first words were apologetic; the system when I saw it had two different loudspeakers sets, one B&W, because he had found that the ones he had intended to use were not “…working well” in the demonstration space and because the integrated amplifier by design contains a third order low pass filter set at 120Hz. Apparently the filter needs further testing to discover which loudspeaker types with which it is particularly compatible.

After we discussed Sharp’s 1-bit technology and its applications, which Marc claims will be as numerous as the inputs on the rear of the unit, he suddenly decided it would be best if I did not audition the system as it was at the show. Sometime next month when he has more time to set up and test the system, Marc will be arranging a demonstration for the specialist press, so keep your eyes glued to the High Fidelity Review website for more on how well the demonstration goes and what might be in store for from Sharp next year when this new equipment makes its commercial debut.

Sharp SACD/DVD-Audio HE 2002 demonstrationSharp SACD/DVD-Audio HE 2002 demonstration