Harman Kardon HD 990 CD Player

HD 990 CD PLAYER The latest release of the Harman Kardon, the HD 990 CD player is a revolutionary product  packed with all great and state-of-the-art specifications. The music player’s 2 stereo digital-to-analog converter aids for superior audio delivery and total satisfaction  while listing your favorite songs. In every aspect and designing of the player, great advancement and finesse can be witnessed.

The specifications integrated in the Harman Kardon HD 990 CD player can prove the value of the device better. These include:

  • Smooth delivery of the Real-Time Linear Smoothing (RLS III) for which it has got 2 stereo digital-to-analog converters
  • Crystal clear sound and smooth music through MP3 playback
  • ID3 support
  • Fine sound delivery from external devices for the use of direct digital input
  • CD-Text support

So, for music lovers with a great collection of music CDs the Harman Kardon HD 990 CD Player will be a good choice and good addition to the glamour of the household. This player is currently available for sale at a cost of $699 only and that again gives you a reason to rush for it!