Hands on with Able Planet Sound Clarity Headphones

I am greatly surprised that we have not covered Able Planet’s headphones in the past. I search on our private search engine reveal nothing but other headphones.

Able Planet produces some very quality headphones, and I have had many chances in the past to try them out. I have recently got a chance to try out the Clarity headphones, and they are very good with the Patented Linx Audio Technology.

These have full-size ear cups, so this is what you want to have on your ears when you are trying to drown out all background noise. That is both a good and bad thing, so you have the option of flipping on the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) whenever you like.

These are good headphones, but they do cost a good price. You should be able to purchase them on the Able Planet website for about $249.99. They do require 2 AAA batteries, which are included, as well as a 5 inch cord and a 1/4 inch stereo adapter.