Haier HLC24XK2 Television Review-Surprisingly Ineffective

And a happy Black Friday to you all! We end our week of cheap televisions by taking a sad look at the Haier HLC24XK2, a television that will take the whole “get what you pay for” adage way, WAY too far, and not to the benefit of those who might shell out the cash, too.

The Haier HLC24XK2 is a twenty four inch 1080p LCD television that offers a built-in DVD player, two three watt speakers with SRS TruSurround, a digital comb filter, one HDMI input, one component video input, one PC input, one composite input, a headphone jack, a USB port, sleep timer and an included remote.

Something is very wrong with the Haier HLC24XK2. Despite the fact that they assure me that this is a 1080p picture, it doesn’t look very good. And despite the SRS TruSurround augmentation on the speakers, they really don’t sound all that great either. Maybe I just saw a bum unit, I don’t know. But this one I really don’t like.

And when you considering these are selling for about $287 each, well, I really can’t suggest these based on what I’ve seen of them so far. You may have a better experience when you see a Haier HLC24XK2 yourself, but this doesn’t work for me.