Haier HL42R Television Review-A Surprisingly Good Value

You may never have heard of a Haier television before.  It’s not quite as big a name as Sony or Samsung or Sharp.  But what it is, especially the HL42R, is a surprisingly good value for a company you’ve never heard of before.

The Haier HL42R is a forty two inch 1080p LCD television that comes with two HDMI inputs, two component inputs and a PC input.

So it doesn’t exactly come with a whole lot of bells and whistles, but what it DOES come with is a decent picture (there are a few artifacts when you get in close) and the sound is pretty good.  Plus the controls are very simple to operate.  But what this actually represents is something particularly exciting–a 1080p flatscreen television that weighs in at right around six hundred bucks, depending on where you shop.

Stop and wrap your head around that for a second–a nice, fairly big, fairly simple to use forty inch 1080p for six hundred bucks?  That’s no small accomplishment, and no shame at all.  In fact, for the value-minded, the Haier HL42R should be the answer to their prayers.