Haier HL32D2 Television Review-Solid If Unspectacular

We carry on with our look at inexpensive televisions just ahead of Black Friday by taking a look at the Haier HL32D2, and you’ll be surprised that a television that doesn’t cost so much can still provide a decent value.

The Haier HL32D2 is a thirty two inch 720p LCD television that offers two ten watt speakers, AVL auto volume leveler systems to keep the volume stable for those times when you suddenly go from a quiet television show to the screeching horror that is some commercials, an AV input, two component inputs, two HDMI inputs, and a USB input. which provide a simple solution for high quality audio and video input. The USB input can be used for audio and digital pictures. Included with the TV is a full function remote control and swivel stand.

Thankfully, the picture on this one is pretty nice–nothing great, of course, 720p prevents anything really fantastic. And the sound quality isn’t the greatest either but the auto volume system is definitely a welcome addition.

Considering that the Haier HL32D2 is selling for $343.38 out at Amazon, it’s not at all surprising that it’s not a top-notch piece, but it’s at least fairly decent.

So if you’re looking for a new television, are very price-conscious, and don’t mind settling for a little less in the quality department, then the Haier HL32D2 might be just what you’re after.