H2O Audios H3 Waterproof Headphones

.H2O Audio, the chief manufacturer of waterproof and ruggedized sports accessories including a complete lineage exclusively designed for Apple(R) iPods(R)), recently announced about the shipment of its new H3 waterproof headphones. This new H3 waterproof headphone from H20 features major technology upgrades. The headphone offers a matchless level of sound eminence in and out of water. The H3 headphone also employs 3rd generation speaker technology which provide10dB greater sound output in comparison to the original H2O Audio underwater headphones. The headphone is also special with enhanced bass response and improved sound outside water. In addition to all this the earphone comes with an amendable neck band to take care of action sports. Not only all this it’s aquatic Silencer Earplugs distribute superior comfort, noise reduction. This cool new waterproof headphone can be all yours at USD $49.99.

Via: Press