A Guide to the Rolling Stones Remastered SACDs

As the August 27th release date for the Rolling Stones Remastered series draws near, we’re hearing reports that the discs may already be available for purchase at some Best Buy stores. Apparently these are stores who have “jumped the gun” by putting the discs out in advance of Tuesday’s release date.

There are also reports that at least some stores are reporting that only some of the 22 SACDs will be available on Tuesday with the balance available a week later on September 4th. I guess we’ll have to visit the local record store and find out on Tuesday.

A Guide to the Discs
While we’re awaiting the arrival of the SACDs, I thought it would be interesting to provide some answers to the questions we’ve been asked about which version of each song appear on each album of the Rolling Stones Remastered Series. I put that question to Bob Merlis, ABKCO’s public relations expert.

Merlis responded by sending me a massive Acrobat PDF file showing that the Rolling Stones Remastered series is made up of 191 different Stones tracks over the 22 disc series. Now I understand how massive a reissue project this was!

To share this information with our readers, I copied the song list into an Excel spreadsheet and then recreated the list in a larger font so that it could be viewed and printed more easily.

Some List Highlights
When reviewing the list, you’ll see that there are 3 albums that are entirely in Mono, 9 albums entirely in Stereo and the balance (10) are a mix of Mono and Stereo.

The only place where I disagree with the list is on the album “Got Live If You Want It!”. The ABKCO list shows all of the album’s tracks as being in Stereo. To my ears, most of the tracks are either in Mono, or some very “narrow” Stereo. I’ll let you be the judge of who is right when you listen to the album.

Here’s ABKCO’s breakdown of the albums in terms of mono/stereo tracks:

Mono Tracks Only

  • England’s Newest Hitmakers
  • Out of Our Heads
  • Out of Our Heads – UK Version

Mono and Stereo Tracks

  • 12×5
  • The Rolling Stones Now
  • December’s Children
  • Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass)
  • Flowers
  • Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)
  • Hot Rocks
  • More Hot Rocks
  • The Rolling Stones Singles Collection – The London Years

Stereo Tracks Only

  • Aftermath
  • Aftermath – UK Version
  • Got Live If You Want It!
  • Between the Buttons
  • Between the Buttons – UK Version
  • Their Satanic Majesties Request
  • Beggars Banquet
  • Let It Bleed
  • Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out
  • Metamorphosis

Some List Tweaks May Be Coming
I should also mention that there appear to be a few discrepancies between the pre-release list of tracks on each album and the ABKCO list. Since I don’t have all 22 of the Remastered Series SACDs, I’m presenting the ABKCO list as they sent it to me. I suspect a few tweaks to the list may be in order before the final version is published next week.

The List of Tracks – in HTML and Acrobat Format
Since our readers may have different setups, I’ve reproduced the list in both HTML and Adobe Acrobat format. You’ll need to visit the Adobe web site and download and install their free Acrobat viewer to view and print the list in that format.

A Guide to the Rolling Stones Remastered SACDs (updated HTML format)
High Fidelity Review guide to ABKCO’s Rolling Stones Re-mastered SACD Releases.

‘s Rolling Stones Remastered
a High Fidelity Review SACD Guide
© 2002 – https://www.highfidelityreview.com/

M = Mono
S = Stereo
England's Newest 12 x 5 Rolling Stones Now Out of Our Heads Out of our Heads - UK December's Children Big Hits (High Tide) Aftermath Aftermath - UK Got Live if You Want It Between the Buttons Between the Buttons - UK Flowers Their Satanic Majesties Req Beggars Banquet Through the Past Darkly Let it Bleed Get Yer Ya-Yas Out Hot Rocks More Hot Rocks Singles Collection Metamorphosis
19th Nervous Breakdown             M                       M   M  
19th Nervous Breakdown (Got
Live Version)
2000 Light Years From Home                           S   S       S M  
2000 Man                           S                
2120 South Michigan Avenue   S                                        
All Sold Out                     S S                    
Around And Around   S                                        
As Tears Go By           M M                       M   M  
Back Street Girl                       S S                  
Blue Turns To Grey           M                                
Brown Sugar                                     S   S  
Bye Bye Johnny                                       M    
Can I Get A Witness M                                          
Carol M                                          
Carol (Live)                                   S        
Child Of The Moon                                       S M  
Citadel                           S                
Come On                                       M M  
Complicated                     S S                    
Confessin’ The Blues   S                                        
Congratulations   M                                     M  
Connection                     S S                    
Cool Calm And Collected                     S S                    
Country Honk                                 S          
Cry To Me       M M                                  
Dandelion                               S       S M  
Dear Doctor                             S              
Don’t Lie To Me                                           S
Doncha Bother Me               S S                          
Down Home Girl     M                                      
Down The Road Apiece     S                                      
Downtown Suzie                                           S
Each And Everyday Of The Year                                           S
Empty Heart   S                                        
Everybody Needs Somebody To
Love (Vers.1)
Everybody Needs Somebody To
Love (Vers.2)
Factory Girl                             S              
Family                                           S
Flight 505               S S                          
Fortune Teller                                       M    
Fortune Teller (Got Live Version)                   S                        
Get Off Of My Cloud           M M                       M   M  
Get Off Of My Cloud (Got Live
Gimme Shelter                                 S   S      
Go On Home                                            
Goin’ Home               S S                          
Gomper                           S                
Good Times       M M                                  
Good Times Bad Times   M         M                         M M  
Gotta Get Away         M M                             M  
Grown Up Wrong   M                                        
Have You Seen Your Mother
                        M     M       M M  
Have You Seen Your Mother
Baby (Got Live Ver)
Heart Of Stone     S   M   S                       S   M  
Heart Of Stone (Metamorphosis
High And Dry               S S                          
Hitch Hike       M M                                  
I Do 
Honky Tonk Woman                               S     S   S  
Honky Tonk Woman (Live)                                   S        
I’d Much Rather Be With The
I’m A King Bee M                                          
I’m Alright (Got Live Version)                   S                        
I’m Alright (VERSION 1)       M                                    
I’m Free         M M                           M M  
I’m Going Down                                           S
I’m Moving On (LIVE)           M                                
I’ve Been Loving You Too Long                                       S    
I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
(Got Live Vers.)
I Am Waiting               S S                          
I Can’t Be Satisfied                                       S S  
I Don’t Know Why (aka Don’t
Know Why I Love)
I Just Want To Make Love To
M                                       M  
I Wanna Be Loved                                         M  
I Wanna Be Your Man                                         M  
If You Let Me                                           S
If You Need Me   S                                        
In Another Land                           S             M  
It’s All Over Now   S         S                         S M  
It’s Not Easy               S S                          
Jig-Saw Puzzle                             S              
Jiving Sister Fanny                                         S S
Jumpin’ Jack Flash                               S     S   M  
Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Live)                                   S        
Lady Jane               S S       S             S M  
Lady Jane (Got Live Vers.)                   S                        
Let’s Spend The Night Together                     S   S     S     S   M  
Let It Bleed                                 S     S    
Little By Little M                                       M  
Little Queenie (Live)                                   S        
Little Red Rooster     M                                   M  
With Me 
Live With Me (Live)                                   S        
Long Long While                                       M M  
Look What You’ve Done           S                                
Love In Vain                                 S          
Love In Vain (Live)                                   S        
Memo From Turner                                          S  
Memo From Turner (Metamorphosis
Mercy Mercy       M M                                  
Midnight Rambler                                 S          
Midnight Rambler (LIVE VERSION)                                   S S      
Miss Amanda Jones                     S S                    
Mona (I Need You Baby)     M                                      
Money                                       M    
Monkey Man                                 S          
Mother’s Little Helper                 S       M     M     M   M  
My Girl                         S                  
My Obsession                     S S                    
No Expectations                             S         S M  
Not Fade Away M           M                         M M  
Not Fade Away (Got Live Version)                   S                        
Now I’ve Got A Witness M                                          
Off The Hook     M                                   M  
Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing
    M   M                                  
On With The Show                           S                
One More Try       M                                    
Out Of Time – (Metamorphosis
                                        S S
Out Of Time (VERSION 1)                 S                          
Out Of Time (VERSION 2)                         S             S    
Pain In My Heart     M                                      
Paint It Black               S               S     S   M  
Parachute Woman                             S              
Personal Radio Intros                                            
Play With Fire       M     M                       M   M  
Please Go Home                       S S                  
Poison Ivy (Vers.1)                                       M    
Poison Ivy (Vers. 2)                                       M    
Prodigal Son                             S              
Ride On Baby                         S                  
Route 66 M                                          
Route 66 (LIVE)           M                                
Ruby Tuesday                     S   S     S     S   M  
Sad Day                                         M  
Salt Of The Earth                             S              
She’s A Rainbow                           S   S       S M  
She Said Yeah         M M                                
She Smiled Sweetly                     S S                    
Sing This All Together                           S                
Sing This All Together (See
What Happens)
Sittin’ On A Fence                         S             S    
Something Happened To Me Yesterday                     S S                    
Somethings Just Stick In My
Stoned                                         M  
Stray Cat Blues                             S              
Stray Cat Blues (Live)                                   S        
Street Fighting Man                             S S     S   M  
Street Fighting Man (Live)                                   S        
Stupid Girl               S S                       M  
Surprise, Surprise     M                                   M  
Susie Q   M                                        
Sympathy For The Devil                             S       S   S  
Sympathy For The Devil (Live)                                   S        
Take It Or Leave It                 S       S                  
Talkin’ Bout You         M M                                
Tell Me                                            
Tell Me (Version 1) M                                          
Tell Me (Version 3)             M                         M M  
That’s How Strong My Love
      M M                                  
The Lantern                           S             M  
The Last Time       M     M                         M M  
The Last Time (Got Live Version)                   S                        
The Singer Not The Song           M                             M  
The Spider And The Fly       M                                 M  
The Under Asst. West Coast
      M M                               M  
Think               S S                          
Time Is On My Side (Got Live
Time Is On My Side (Version
1 Organ)
  M                                     M  
Time Is On My Side (Version
2 Guitar)
            S                       S      
Try A Little Harder                                         S S
Under My Thumb               S S                   S      
Under My Thumb (Got Live Version)                   S                        
Under The Boardwalk   M                                        
Walking The Dog M                                          
We’re Wastin’ Time                                           S
We Love You                                       S M  
What A Shame     S                                   M  
What To Do                 S                     S    
Who’s Been Driving Your Plane?                                         M  
Who’s Been Sleeping Here?                     S S                    
Wild Horses                                     S   S  
Ya-Ya’s Radio Spot                                            
Yesterday’s Papers                     S S                    
You Better Move On           M                                
You Can’t Always Get What
You Want
                                S   S   M  
You Can’t Catch Me     M                                      
You Can Make It If You Try M                                          
You Got The Silver                                 S          
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction       M     S                       S   M  
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
(Got Live Version)
(Walkin’ Through The) Sleepy

A Guide to the Rolling Stones Remastered SACDs (updated Acrobat format)

I want to offer my thanks to Bob Merlis and Jody Klein, Iris Keitel and Teri Landi at ABKCO Records who compiled this list.

I’m sure it took more than a little time to assemble it. But it will certainly come in handy next week as Stones fans visit the local record outlet and decide which of the Stones Remastered SACDs to pick up!

Rolling Stones - Aftermath cover

Aftermath (UK Version) – the only SACD reissue that has a stereo version of ‘Mother’s Little Helper’