Guess Whos Coming Back To Streaming?

The answer?  DivX.

Yes, that’s right–DivX, the guys who brought you digital video file formatting, is coming back to try and bring streaming video to your TV.

You might remember the first time they tried this, back with their DivX Connected set top box.  The problem, of course, with the DivX Connected was that it was indeed a set-top box…that had to be hooked to a computer, which in turn was hooked to the Internet.  Thus it could grab the video you wanted by going through the computer.

Their new iteration will be a true set-top box in that it does sit on top of the TV set, but this time, it doesn’t require the intermediary of a computer to get the streaming video.

DivX actually claims to have seventy channels ready to go, and more to come by the time their alliance with LG is complete.  These aren’t the best channels, though–the Associated Press, CNET, DailyMotion, Picasa, Revision 3, Rhapsody, TED and Twitter are on the list. Plans are, however, in the works to get television shows, music services and pay per view movies.

So they look like they might put up a fight–will it be sufficient to tackle the likes of Hulu and Boxee?