Grace Digitals New Outdoor Wireless Speakers


Adding to the gamut of outdoor speakers is a new competitive range of weatherproof wireless speakers recently launched by Grace Digital Audio Inc. The models are named as Schooners (model #SCN300W), the floating and completely submersible Aqua Sounder (model # AQSTR400W) and the weatherproof Mini-bullets (model # WPBULLET).

This exclusive line of wireless outdoor speakers can be carried to swimming pool, hot tubs, Jacuzzi and even under shower. Try this, immerse these unique weatherproof speakers in a swimming pool and find them float on water just like you.

Make a style statement this summer by carrying along these cutting-edge speakers to the poolside. Shell out just $199.99/pair and own a pair of Schooners. For Aqua sounders, you need to spare $149.99 and Mini-bullets would cost even lesser, as they are priced at $99/pair.

Mini-bullets like the whole range of Grace Digital’s wireless outdoor speakers contains 900-megahertz wireless transmission chip set. The 900MHz band is good for wireless music transmission. Apart from other features, Aqua sounders and Schooners also contain the industry’s first dual power mode transmitter. What makes them a complete wireless audio system is the use of standard AC wall outlets or batteries to power the wireless speakers.

The entire line of Grace Digital weatherproof speakers is also compatible with Ipod, Mp3 player, TV or Stereo. So, enjoy the ultimate audio entertainment indoor and outdoor as well.

Via: Press