Grab’nGO Full HD Media Streamer

Conceptronic has recently announced a full HD media player in their Grab ‘n’ Go Collection. It is the newest streaming media player with a built-in SAMBA and NFS Client. Unveiled at CeBIT 2008, it can stream all digital media files to your TV at a full HD resolution of 1080p.

The CFULLHDMA supports a variety of media formats such as, XviD, WMV9, MOV, MKV, H.264, MPEG 1/2/4, JPEG, MP3, WMA, AVI, SVCD, VCD, IFO, VOB and Subtitles. The USB hard disk and flash drive can be connected to this HD media player via its USB port. Besides this, it also has HDMI and component connections for sharp images. Furthermore, it also features a digital audio connection with surround sound.

The CFULLHDMA has an added Gigabit network interface for faster network connection and good image quality. The built-in UPnP AV media client is compatibile with a range of media servers. It is surely a hi-fi way to stream all photos, music, movies, radio channels to a Full HD TV. Being stylishly designed in a sleek fashion, it can also suit to your opulent tastes and choices.

Via: Conceptronic