Google Video shuts down, did you notice?

Ah, Google Video, you are gone. I would say that we barely knew you, but that isn’t true.

Back in 2005, it seemed like YouTube and Google Video were competing to be “the” video sharing site. Of course, there has been a lot video sharing sites that have opened up since then, and it ended up that Google bought YouTube anyway for 1.6 billion dollars.

Man, that would be like Coke buying Pepsi, or vice versa. I’m pretty sure that Coke or Pepsi would simply end their competitor’s label, but Google is ending their label. I guess they want the name recognition that YouTube brings.

I think I only used Google Video once in my career, and if I want to upload them to YouTube, I had better do that before April 29th. That is the cut-off date, and I imagine that any Google vid will soon go the way of the deleted file.