Google TV Powered Sony Televisions Get Priced, Sized

We’ve been telling you about Google’s new television focused platform dubbed Google TV for quite some time now. We already know it will allow consumers to do things like rent movies, watch YouTube and even search the web all from the big screen. However, while we’ve sen the software side of things get detailed extensively, we haven’t seen too much hardware that is set to run the platform.

To be fair, we have seen things like the Logitech Revue with Google TV set-top box. However, while we’ve heard that Sony will be producing their own Google TV powered televisions, we haven’t heard to muhc about them. Today, however, it seems that our friends over at Crunchgear have gotten their hands on some information that notify us of both the prices and sizes of 4 Google TV powered televisions. Below is said information:

  • NSX-24GT1 – 24-inches, price unknown
  • NSX-32GT1 – 32-inches, $1299.99
  • NSX-40GT1 – 40-inches, $1499.99
  • NSX-46GT1 – 46-inches, $1899.99

Seeing how the price tag of these televisions are quite high, Sony is going to have to implement some unique marketing in order to get consumers interested.